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Our state-of-the-art Sinton Steel Mill is designed to have product capabilities beyond that of any existing electric arc furnace (EAF) flat roll steel producers, competing even more effectively with the blast furnace steel model and foreign competition. The Sinton Steel Mill will utilize the next generation of EAF steelmaking with the ability to produce the latest generation of advanced high-strength steels. This mill follows the same stringent sustainability model as our other steelmaking facilities, to produce high-quality, lower-carbon, sustainable steel.Our Sinton Steel Mill provides a differentiated product offering, a unique regional supply chain solution, a significant geographic freight, and lead-time advantage, and offers a sustainable alternative to imports in a region in need of options. As our most significant investment to date, it provides us with transformational, competitively advantaged strategic growth, with associated long-term value creation for all of our stakeholders.


Flat rolled steel products represent the largest portion of the domestic steel market. Our steel sheet products are used in the manufacturing of automobiles, appliances, construction products, consumer electronics, agricultural products such as culverts and grain bins, office furniture and pipe and tubing for the oil and natural gas wells. The following chart shows the U.S. shipments of these products, as reported by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).






Pipe & Tube

SW-Sinton Products
Hot-rolled bands

Thickness: .042″ – .375″
Width: 38.5″ – 62″
Coating Weights: N/A
Specifications: CS, DS, SS, HSLA, UHSS, A36, A414, A606, JIS, SAE, API
Manufactured by: Butler & Columbus

Hot Rolled Sheet

Unprocessed bands or steel sheet is processed to its final thickness on a hot-strip mill and is shipped directly off the hot-strip mill with no edge trimming and no cropping of the coil ends. Additional processing – such as pickling, edge trimming, and tension leveling – are available as value added processes.

General Gauge Range: .047” min – 1.0” (Grade & Width Dependent)
General Width Range: 36” – 84” (Gauge & Grade Dependent)
General Grades Available: CS, DS, SS, HSLA, UHSS, A283, A285, A414, A455, A516, A572, A588, A606, A786, A871, SAE J403, SAE J392 & SAE J2340
PIW Range: 1650 Max PIW

Hot Rolled Floor Plate

General Gauge Range:  .075” min  – .490”min
General Width Range:  48” to 84” wide with standard widths available
General Grades Available:  CS, A36, A572, HSLA &  SS36

Hot Rolled Coiled Plate

General Gauge Range: .1875 nom – 1.00 nom
Widths Available: 48″, 60″, 72″ and 84″
General Grades Available: A36, A414, A455, A516, A572, A588, A656, A709, A786, A871

Cold Rolled Sheet

Our cold rolled steel sheet has been cold-reduced to the specified thickness, and subsequently annealed and temper-rolled to achieve the desired characteristics. Alternately, customers may specify full-hard, half-hard, quarter-hard or skin rolled cold-rolled steel with off- gauge heads and tails cropped at the temper mill. Our cold-rolled steel is used in a broad range of applications by manufacturers in the automotive, appliance, office-furniture, lighting and tubing industries.

General Gauge Range: .010” – .100”
General Width Range: 38” – 76”
General Grades Available: CS, DS, DDS, EDDS, SS, HSLA, A606, SAE J403, SAE J1392 & SAE J2340
Max Coil Weight: 52.7 tons

Hot Rolled Galvanized Sheet

Our innovative hot-rolled substrate galvanized steel is coated with a thin layer of zinc to increase corrosion resistance. Galvanized sheet steel provides a cost-effective solution for heavy-gauge, unexposed applications. In addition to our standard spangle-free finish, we also offer galvannealed coatings for enhanced weldability. A variety of surface treatments are available to further inhibit oxidation or to improve formability. Common applications for our hot rolled galvanized products are found in the agricultural, appliance, automotive, construction, and pipe and tube industries.

General Gauge Range: .047” min – .160” min
General Width Range: 36” – 76”
General Grades Available: Inquire
Coating Weights Available: G30 – G235 / Metric Coatings Available
Max Coil Weight: 52.7 tons

Cold Rolled Galvanized Sheet

General Gauge Range: .010”min – .100”min
General Width Range: 38” – 76”
General Grades Available: CS, FS, DDS, EDDS, SS, HSLA, A1003, J403, J1392 and J2340
Coating Weights Available: G30 – G235 / Metric Coatings Available

Galvalume® Steel Sheet

Galvalume® steel sheets offers excellent corrosion protection in many applications through the combination of the sacrificial protection of conventional zinc coatings with the excellent barrier protection of aluminum. Steel Dynamics offers the widest Galvalume® sheet produced in North America, providing significant cost-savings opportunities for our customers. A variety of surface treatments are available to further inhibit oxidation or to improve formability. Our Galvalume® sheet is most commonly used in the manufacture of construction products where long-term corrosion performance is critical.

General Gauge Range: .010”min – .030”min
General Width Range: 38” – 76”
General Grades Available: CS, FS & SS
Coating Weights Available: AZ35, AZ40, AZ50, AZ55, AZ60 and AZ70

Painted Sheet Products

The Flat Roll Group SW-Sinton Division operates two state-of-the-industry continuous coil-coating lines, enabling us to streamline supply chains for customers using pre-painted steel. Our coil-coating lines are integral to our finishing facility allowing us to exploit our industry-leading cycle times to produce pre-painted steel more quickly than any other supplier in the nation. The elimination of a third-party toll coater also allows our customers to avoid altogether the logistical expenses typically associated with moving steel from the producing mill to a coil coater for toll painting. Additionally, there is no coater-fault yield loss associated with our business model—this can be a significant savings opportunity since we capture and immediately recycle any yield loss at our facility.

Even more important than our industry-leading cost and lead times, is the fact that both of our coil-coating lines are equipped with tension levelers and high-definition surface inspection systems to ensure we consistently achieve the highest-quality standards. Customers in a variety of industries use our pre-painted steel in the manufacture of appliances, consumer electronics, garage doors, lighting, office furniture, purlins, roofing, siding, truck trailers and school buses.

General Gauge Range: .010” min – .076” min
General Width Range: 36” – 72”
Various Substrates Available: (Inquire)
Various Paint Systems Available: (Inquire)
Max Coil Weight: 32 tons

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